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Catalyst Theme Options

GUI Shortcodes

Easy to choose Shortcodes from WordPress Editor Interface. No need to remember the shortcodes. Insert complex layout from a click.

Post Options

The Post options lets you choose a variety of configurations for your post. Display Videos, Images or Nivo galleries for your Post head or Post summary section – along with individualized sidebar.

Portfolio Options

Create your Portfolios with ease. Activate lightboxes or direct links for your portfolios. Display Filters or narrow down your portfolios to certain portfolio categories and generate pagination per portfolio.

Sidebar Selection

Set your Sidebars for Pages and Posts.

Portfolio Post Type Options

Create your Portfolio posts and publish them into your custom categories.

Featured Post Type Options

You can easily link your featured posts to external urls by filling the Link to field in the Featured post type options. This is optional, when left blank the default link to the featured post stays active.


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